Monday, September 7, 2009

a long post about vancouver.

We went to Vancouver to visit our friend Jake. He is an artist.

Having never been to Vancouver before, I was unprepared for how nature-ee it was. My "hiking boots" could have been a little more appropriate.

But I survived.

It was so worth it! The canyon was beautiful.

The fish swam around my feet.

We also went to the aquarium. I will try to not bore you with all my amazing fish photos.

Otter and seals.


We went to see Cat Power in the park. This photo was taken literally moments after I fell out of this tree.

This is what my back looks like.

I started to get a little tired of the nature at this point.

Finally I got to go shopping! I was pleasantly surprised at the Vancouver Holts; I tried on these Dolce & Gabbana wedges:

and these Alexander Wangs:

But didn't buy either. A big mistake???? I went back for them! I was crazy for even doubting for a second. They are possibly the most comfortable heels I own too!

I did buy this McQueen keychain.

I tried on some lace Opening Ceremony pants that didn`t fit. :( I`m also in love with the pants I have on. They are vintage and came with a matching mini dress that I already sold in the shop. My sales assistant actually referred to them as feroush.

The shoe department. These Chloe sandals didn`t totally survive the trip.
But I`m sure I can have them fixed.

Mostly Tommy did alot of skateboarding.

And I did alot of sitting on the beach.


Marlboro Martini said...

I think you are right. Can I just say, I'm so glad you are back *jumps out of seat and punches sky* you are likely to become my fave fash blogger ever. I hit up your ebay store for style inspiration.

Enough said.

your blog has been on our blog role FOREVER!

MM x

Fashion Pix said...

Great pictures and I love your checked shirt. Amazing shoes too!!

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